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April 25, 2-5PM, Arthur Edington Center, Asheville. Everybody's Environment Family Fun Festival. Click here for details.

April 29, 6PM, hearing on air quality for Duke Energy's Asheville plant. Erwin High School, 60 Lees Creek Rd, Asheville. Info from Sierra Club.

May 7, 8:30AM, Charlotte. Rally for Clean Energy Now at Duke Shareholder Meeting. Details.

Hydrofracking in NC?

Hydraulic fracturing, “hydrofracking” or “fracking”…

is a method of extracting natural gas that involves blasting underground rock thousands of feet into the ground with a cocktail of sand, water and chemicals. Could it happen here in NC? What are the current laws, regulations, and potentially impacted areas? For answers to these questions and more information, please visit our Main fracking page.

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