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Clean Water for North Carolina is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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Jan. 30, 6:30PM, AB Tech Asheville Ferguson Auditorium: "Pay 2 Play: Democracy's High Stakes." Free film screening. Details.

Feb. 5, 7PM-9PM, Temple Emanuel, 201 Oakwood Dr., Winston-Salem: "A River of Waste" film screening on factory farms. Contact

Feb. 14, 10AM, Raleigh: Historic Thousands on Jones St. March. Multi-issue rally. Visit for details.

March 14, 9AM-4PM, UNC Asheville: Stream Monitoring Volunteer Training.. RSVP required: contact Nicole Parrish, or 828-333-0392.

Water justice and privatization

Our Water Justice Campaign draws attention to the critical need for protection of the public’s drinking water—both quality and quantity—as a basic human right. In order to strengthen our work with communities for more protective and sustainable policies, this campaign aims to grow awareness of public water supply sources and their vulnerability to thousands of potential contaminant sources, provide effective organizing and technical assistance to communities, and ensure that just and sustainable policies are in place to maintain rights to affordable drinking water, adequate supply, and equitable distribution.

Interested to learn about how communities can effectively take control of their water? Watch this 20-minute YouTube video which highlights a community in Bolivia that has managed and controlled their water supply for years. Click here to watch the video (English Subtitles available).


What are the impacts of privatized water utilities? Read our 2011 report, “Privatizing Water, Undermining Justice?” to learn more (you’ll find a short summary of the report here).

Are you a customer of a private water company in North Carolina? Please take a moment to give us some feedback on the service, affordability, and quality of the water, and any experience you’ve had dealing with the North Carolina Utilities Commission and Public Staff. If you’re a water or sewer customer of Aqua North Carolina, and have experienced injustices from Aqua NC related to billing, rates, water quality or customer service, sign up for our contact list to connect with other residents across the state and join the growing movement to reform state and local policy to ensure that customers’ rights to affordable, clean water – NOT corporations’ profit margins – take first priority! While we have concerns about certain practices and regulatory treatment of particular companies, like Aqua NC, Clean Water for NC does NOT support sales of systems to any private utilities, believing that public ownership and local control are usually in the best interest of residents.

CWFNC’s private water customer page


Our listening canvass heard voices from diverse communities across the state. We discovered strong shared values about the importance of right-to-know and participation in water policy processes, but little understanding of what’s different about privatized water systems and their effects on pricing. We used this dialogue on water rights to develop more effective strategies for promoting water policies at local and state levels, and strengthening public participation in protection of drinking water safety.

We continue to work with communities facing water justice issues through organizing and technical assistance, focusing on disadvantaged or marginalized populations. Our “NC Toolkit for Protecting your Environmental Rights” is available at low cost to civic, environmental and social justice groups across the state wishing to build their organizational capacity – order yours today! We’ve revitalized our listening canvass in 2010, and welcome the water stories from YOUR community! Click here to share your thoughts on drinking water in your neighborhood, or contact Katie Hicks ( or 828-251-1291.

Other resources:

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